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BasicISP Dialup Internet - First Month Free

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BasicISP standard service costs only $6.95 per month, while you can get our accelerated service for just $9.95 per month! With BasicISP, you still get access to all the Internet has to offer. A big difference between BasicISP and others is that we do NOT track your online activity to sell your information to third party vendors. This means that you will receive less spam and have a much more enjoyable experience using Basic ISP as your Internet provider. BasicISP has over 46,000 access numbers available throughout the U.S. and Canada!

Standard Dial-Up Internet Service

Basic ISP's Standard Dial-Up plan is your most basic option. This low cost option is only $6.95 per month and offers unlimited internet and email service. If you are simply interested in having email or plan on being an occasional user who wants the best internet service for the lowest price - BasicISP is probably your best choice. Users who anticipate heavy usage may want to select the Accelerated plan. Standard plan accounts can upgrade at any time to the Accelerated service.

Standard Dial-up compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Accelerated Dial-up Internet Service

For just a few dollars more at only $9.95 per month subscribers of the Accelerated service enjoy the same great internet service as the Standard plan with several advantages. The Accelerated plan utilizes compression software that is easily downloaded and activated on the client machine allowing data transfer rates up to 19 x's faster* . Another important advantage with the Accelerated plan is the additional email addresses. Each Accelerated dial up account comes with up to 5 email address making this the best choice for families where more than one person benefits from the dial-up service.

High-Speed Accelerator compatible with Windows and Mac.

BasicISP Dialup Plans :

Plan Name Price Special Offer Features
BasicISP Standard Dial Up $6.95/mo First Month Free
  • Fast and Reliable Unlimited Service
  • 100% American Tech Support
  • No Commitments or Contracts
  • 30 Day Money Back Guaranteed!
BasicISP Accelerated Dial Up $9.95/mo First Month Free
  • Up to 19 times faster.
  • Includes 5 email addresses
  • Windows and Mac compatible
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