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Comfi Phone Cards

ComFi is the leading calling cards & phone cards online retailer. Comfi offers a complete range of services and products that appeal to all age groups and ethnicities around out the globe that seek convenient communication at affordable prices.

Comfi has wide selection of prepaid calling cards that satisfy any consumer and meet every calling need. Our prepaid calling services evolved into much more than just phone cards.

ComFi makes the purchasing process very simple and allows customers to receive the telephone services instantly. Right after a transaction is processed, customers are able to receive PINs and instructions instantly on their screen and a copy is sent to their e-mail address. The whole process can take less than a minute. uses the most secure online payment processing system VeriSign. These leader provides the secure environment for processing your transactions. Your credit card transactions are always safe and secure.
1] PIN-Less Dialing
Register phone number(s) you call from and use your phone card without entering a PIN.
2] Speed-Dial
You can make calls by pressing three keys only!
3] Refillable PINs
Add minutes to calling card any time, 24/7
4] Auto-Refill
Your phone card never runs out of minutes, just set the minimum balance and refill amount.
5] Balance Transfer
You can always transfer the balance from your refillable phone card to any other refillable calling card!
6] My Account
See your PINs, purchase history, calling history*, transfer balances, manage Auto-Refill and more...
7] Calling History
Certain calling cards provide calling history reports online. Use "My Account" to access records 24/7
8] Local Access Numbers
Get more minutes from your calling card with local access number(s)!
9] Global Access Numbers
Make international calls from any country - access numbers available in over 150 countries
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