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Pingo Calling Cards

Pingo provides "virtual" calling cards designed to provide its customers with the best prepaid calling card experience, including quality, convenience, and customer service at the most competitive rates available today. With Pingo calling cards there are no additional charges - what you see is what you pay.
Pingo is the best choice for long distance and international calling. Pingo offers high quality, low cost service to more than 200 countries. Plus, Pingo customers can access the service and save on their calls from more than 40 countries. Pingo is easy to use and doesn't require customers to purchase any new equipment or change phone companies. Pingo offers great rates for international calls, including calls from mobile phones. In fact, PingoMobile routinely saves customers 90% or more on international calls from mobile phones, even compared to international cellular plans. Great savings and great service, who wouldn't love that?

Why choose Pingo calling cards?

  • Fantastic rates on international and domestic long distance calls.
  • The convenience of PIN-less dialing.
  • Faster connections with Speed Dial.
  • Re-charge any time, anywhere.
  • Auto Recharge—Pingo keeps your minutes topped up so you'll never be cut off due to insufficient funds.
  • Proven network guarantees clear, reliable calls.
  • No hidden charges or fees—the rate you see is the rate you pay.
It’s easy to make call with Pingo
Step 1 Dial the local or toll-free access number.

Step 2 At the voice prompt, enter your account number and PIN. (Use PINpass and skip step # 2!)

Step 3 For all calls, dial the country code and number you want to call and press #. (With Pingo Speed Dial, you can shorten this step to just one or two numbers!) Step 4 To place another call, don't hang up—just wait two seconds after the other party has hung up and dial the new number and press #.

You can also make calls from your computer using Pingo Soft Phone.
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