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Road Runner Cable Internet

Road Runner Cable Internet Plans

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Internet Plan Features
Road Runner® Broadband
  • $34.95 per month for 12 months
  • Download speeds up to 7 Mbps
  • Upgrade to 15 Mbps at only $10 more per month

Road Runner High Speed Online, the high-speed Internet service brought to customers by Time Warner Cable, offers rapid cable connection speeds - up to 5Mbps downstream. It's up to 3 times the speed of most standard DSL packages and up to 100x faster than dial-up, so families can spend their time on the computer learning, experiencing, and playing - instead of waiting. Road Runner also includes additional Internet security features that make the Internet safe for the entire family to use.

  • Multiple unique email accounts - One main account and at least four sub accounts, all included! Your family gets an unique account for each member of the family!
  • Road Runner Messenger - For instant messaging with your friends on Road Runner, AOL, CompuServe and Netscape
  • Personal Home Page Space - For school projects or community group schedules & whenever you have information to share!
  • Cable modem (for connecting the Road Runner cable to your computer)
  • Installation options vary from full professional installation to a money-saving self-installation.
World-Class Comprehensive Support

  • Network Status - View planned maintenance, so there are no surprises on service
  • Tech Alerts - We are concerned with your computer's safety, so we provide late breaking announcements regarding security
  • Online Support
  • Remote Access - Away from home? You can still check email with both dial-up access and Web Mail provided only for Road Runner customers. That means no separate charges for those occasions when you need to access your homepage or email while away from home.
  • Assisted Technical Support - Support includes technical chat, a live one-on-one technical support, instant help.
  • Road Runner Medic - Like having your own computer expert!
Sign up today and get Road Runner High Speed Online for $34.95 a month for 12 months*, free installation, and no contract to sign!
With the all new Road Runner High Speed Online, the fast lane is wide open. Instead of waiting to get where you want to go online, with Road Runner you can already be there. Faster surfing. Faster downloads. Just plain fast. And that's just the beginning.

  • Road Runner High Speed Online for $34.95 a month*
  • Free Motorola® Modem (after mail-in rebate)*
  • Free installation
  • No Contract
  • Up to triple the speed of standard DSL package and up to 100x faster than dial-up*
  • 30-day money back guarantee

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